New Products

Check out our lastest products from Cal Test Electronics

Check out our newest products from Cal Test Electronics including probes, probe kits and more.


probes for oscilloscopes and digital multimeters

Over 200 different probes to choose from interfacing both oscilloscopes and digital multimeters our goal is to make it easy for you to locate and procure a probe that meets your required specifications.


electrical test clips

A complete offering of the most desired electrical test clips and electronic test clips including alligator clips, miniature alligator clips, crocodile clips, battery clips, heavy duty clips, general purpose clips, telecom clips, and many more.


coaxial adapters

A specially threaded adapter along with a selection of male and female BNC, TNC, N, SMA, RCA, F, UHF and Mini-UHF coaxial connector ends allows one to construct almost any adapter required, both in-series and between-series.


Banana Jacks

banana jacks

The family includes standard panel jacks, binding posts and specialty jacks that when attached turns a standard jack into a safety version.

Banana Plugs

banana plugs

This category includes standard banana plugs, both in-line and stackable configurations with either solder or solderless connections.

Test Lead Wires

test lead wires

Quality PVC or silicone test lead wire is ideal for building do-it-yourself (DIY) test leads, patch cords and test fixtures.


kits containing adapters, cables and attenuators

Each kit contains a selection of adapters, cables and attenuators so you can quickly conduct performance, verification or calibration tests.