For almost 50 years, Global Specialties has been innovating electronic training solutions for education and industry. Basing its product offerings on the concept of Education Through Application, Global Specialties believes that relevant scientific and technical education is best when it permits students to learn by doing. Global Specialties products meet the highest standards for reliability, durability, and long life, designed to take the sustained use of educational, research, and prototyping environments.

A brand of Cal Test Electronics.

Our History

Founded in 1973, Global Specialties earned its reputation by offering the world’s finest breadboarding systems for prototyping and education. Acquired by Cal Test Electronics in 2009, expanded product offerings now include power supplies and electronics workstations.


As one of the Cal Test Electronics brands, Global Specialties' quality and reliability speak for themselves with a three-year warranty on many of its key products. Global Specialties products are available from electronics distributors worldwide. For a complete list of distributors, see our "Where to Buy" page.