Test Accessories Kits

For you convenience, Cal Test Electronics offer a selection of instrument accessory kits that incorporate the most commonly requested accessories into a single package. Each kit has been designed around a specific testing discipline and/or test instrument. Each kit contains a selection of adapters, cables and attenuators so you can quickly conduct performance, verification or calibration tests.

Choose between our General Purpose and Instrument Grade versions.

Each kit is provided in a convenient foam-lined case.

Power Supply Kits

Three bench top power supply kits

Function Generator & Frequency Counter Kits

Four function generator and frequency counter kits

Spectrum Analyzer Kits

Three spectrum analyzer kits

Oscilloscope Adapter Kits

Three oscilloscope kits

Digital Multimeter (DMM) Probe Kits

Select from a wide range of general purpose or application specific kits.

Coaxial Adapter Kits

Assemble hundreds of different adapters, both in-series and between-series with this unique coaxial adapter kit.

Surface Mount Device (SMD) Test Kit

Two surface mount device (SMD) test kits