CTM-21CPS: Heavy Duty Clip


Copper medium sized Heavy duty copper clip for battery and general test work, solder lug connection. Marked positive

Medium sized Heavy duty clip for battery and general test work. Crimp or screw connections. Shunted to eliminate overheating spring, marked positive.

  • Material: Solid Copper
  • Marking "+"
  • Mueller cross: BU-21CPS
  • Equipped with copper lug
  • Jaws open to 1.06 (27 mm)
  • Jaws open to 1.63" (41 mm)
  • Use insulator CTM-23-#
  • Sold in package of 10
MaterialsSolid Copper
Current Max100 A
RoHS (2011/65/EU)Compliant

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Product Item Model # Price (ea.)
Heavy Duty Clip
CTM-21CPS $7.55